Sandra Vivanco, AIA, SEED
About A+D
A+D, Architecture + Design, established by Sandra Vivanco in 1994, is a San Francisco-based architecture firm characterized by its constant investigation of modern city inhabitation. We are dedicated to promoting conscientious living through designs that heighten user-awareness of tectonic and spatial quality. At the same time, we are committed to working at the intersection of architectural theory and practice and strive to maintain a balance between the science of precision and the visceral art that define the polarities of architecture.

Community building is the focus of our work, supported by the belief that the application of our architectural skills to the forum of affordable design is a necessary step in fulfilling our responsibility as citizens. It has also become the inspiration and informant for much of what we do outside of public works, showing us that design is at its most compelling when it is both creative, sensitive and inclusive.

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