Sandra Vivanco, AIA, SEED
Glenwood Residence

This 1950’s California bungalow was too small to accommodate the needs of a growing family. The challenge was to add a second story and redesign the ground floor while preserving an ongoing dialogue with the fairly homogeneous single story surroundings. The new dwelling sponsors modern living with a central public core flanked by auxiliary wings containing private-bed and bathrooms- and service -kitchen, garage, storage and laundry- rooms.

A double height window bathes the living and dining with natural light, which is projected through translucent walls and doors into the private areas. Split bathrooms shared by bedroom/ studies in the stacked private wing replace the traditional master suite. The outdoor sink compliments the existing sauna that, together with the play structure, activate the garden. The exterior materials are stucco, glass, perforated metal and wood panels. Together they project a contemporary yet warm image and indistinguishably join old and new.