Sandra Vivanco, AIA, SEED
MRC Interiors

In the Fall 2010 I taught a Comprehensive Building Design studio exploring various architectural interventions within Plaza Adelante, an important cultural institution situated in the heart of the vibrant Mission district of San Francisco. Our client, the Mission Economic Development Association (MEDA) is a community-based organization housed in this historic building. MEDA promotes economic empowerment for the most recent Latino immigrant population and provides a host of services to ease their transition ranging from home ownership, to small business incubators, and from digital literacy to economic empowerment.

With the help of a fabricator and fifteen architecture students, we designed, fabricated and installed a family of architectural interventions including a front desk, a cafe, a building history exhibit, art gallery, donor canopy, mercadito storefronts, and mobile vending carts that doubled as public seating. This urban furniture addresses the boundaries between the diverse services offered at Plaza Adelante and at the same time actively brings the vibrancy of the street into the heart of the building.