Sandra Vivanco, AIA, SEED
MRC Plaza Adelante

The Plaza Adelante project poses to combine a number of Non-profit Organization operating out of different areas of the mission District of San Francisco into a single location in the heart of the Mission. The project looks at the high level of interaction between these organizations and explores the ways within which the architectural elements can promote and foster further connections and future interactions. The building uses transparency and overlapping multifunctional spaces to merge the public spaces of the building with the semi-public areas of the individual organization headquarters spaces. The project hinged on funding that was available for a very small window of time in 2008 and as a result the entire project team worked tirelessly to obtain a Building Permit and Construction Contract on an unrelenting schedule. A+D and Gelfand Partners met these approval challenges and facilitated the further development of the project in what was easily less than a quarter of the typically expected timeline.